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Runny Nose in Rabbits – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment …

The causes of your rabbit’s runny nose will most likely be due to one of the following: respiratory infections (when the lungs are affected this is known as a pneumonia, Pasteurella is a common cause of upper respiratory tract infections), foreign bodies or dental disorders. Lower respiratory infection Typically develops as pneumonia in your rabbit

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Update: I’ve spotted on separate occasions since posting this, two or three tiny green booger-like things in her nose. Unsure whether actual boogers or tiny pieces of hay that got stuck on there. Another update: Pretty sure she does have a runny nose. My dad’s coming to pick her up tomorrow and take her to the vet.

Rabbit with Runny Nose Causes and Treatments

One of the evident symptoms or signs of this condition is seeing a discharge coming out of your rabbit’s nostrils. Therefore the nose area will be wet and the fur near it will also be wet and it may be matted. Also, you will not wet or matted fur on their paws since they will use them to wipe any wet area including their nose.

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While a rabbit runny nose might seem to suggest he has come down with a cold like humans, the most likely cause is actually a bacterial infection of the upper respiratory system. The infection is sometimes called the snuffles. Dealing with the Snuffles. No one wants to see their pet bunny rabbits suffering with a runny nose or sneezing, which are the two main symptoms of …

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If you can tell something is lodged in your rabbit’s nose but you can not easily remove it please see your vet! You could very easily do some permanent damage by attempting to remove it yourself. If your rabbit’s nose has small amounts of poop on it then this could indicate that your rabbit has an upset stomach. Rabbits create two types of feces.

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Rabbits are at higher risk of developing epistaxis if they have a weak immune system or if they are living in unhygienic conditions. The most common underlying causes, meanwhile, include the following: Bacterial or fungal infection; Tooth root abscess; Foreign body in nose — mostly inhaled vegetable matter (e.g., grass and seeds)

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It is marked by cold-like symptoms (sneezing, discharge from nose, watering eyes) and is most often due to a bacterial infection or blockage in the tear duct or a bacterial infection in the sinus. If not the snuffles, then your rabbit may have any of the common eye infections, often triggered by a blocked tear duct.

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Staining around the mouth and nose area can occur from eating greens or some fruits, but you need to make sure that there is no discharge coming from his nose. If the staining seems to be coming from nasal discharge and not from food, you should have your vet take a …

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Rhinitis in rabbits is an inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane. Sinusitis is quite similar; it is an inflammation of the air-filled spaces surrounding the rabbit’s sinus or nasal cavity. Both of these conditions can cause respiratory problems and are often noticed because of the rabbit’s excessive sneezing and nasal discharge.

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Rabbit Syphilis Treponema cuniculi is a bacteria called a spirochete similar to that which causes syphilis in humans. It causes crusty dermatitis primarily around the rabbit’s genitals or nose but in severe cases is can extend upwards on the face and around the eyes..